About this site and myself

QuirksMode.org is the personal site of Peter-Paul Koch, freelance web developer and JavaScript guru in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is primarily meant to give information about browser quirks in the implementation of CSS and JavaScript. Its secondary purpose is to show prospective clients that I know what I'm talking about.

Why I chose the name 'QuirksMode' for my site. Why I don't care about the validation circus.
As it says.
Why this site uses frames.
A long page that describes the creation process of this site in detail. It will be useful to less experienced web developers, since it shows which questions you should ask yourself when creating a website. I also give my answers.
Includes some of the browser compatibility problems I encountered.
This site is largely, but not entirely, free of copyright. Read about the exceptions.
Everything that has happened to this site.
For those who are interested in my biographical details.
A complete list of my publications. Includes a few about modern ceramics and ancient sagas.