Table of contents

The Odds and ends section of my site contains everything that doesn't fit in one of the other sections.

It also contains the JavaScript Archives. The table below does not contain links to these pages, they're only accessible from the navigation frame.

The key to all my compatibility tables.
A reaction to ALA's JavaScript Image Replacement
What is the future of JavaScript? A short piece, occasioned by a blog entry about (and against) my site.
This page contains a personal, subjective history of web development.
A 2001 article in which I dispelled a rumour that Netscape would quit the browser business back then. Of course it has quit in the mean time, but it took another two years.
until 2001. Written late in 2001, stops suddenly in February 2001. I'll never finish it, but I like it too much to trash it.
A description of these three HTML tags.
A description of this useful HTML tag.
A description of this image attribute.
Why you must use both the id and the name attribute when using label tags.
An example of styling pure XML with CSS.
I wrote this example way back in 1999. I encountered a very serious problem in Explorer Windows (which back then was the only browser to support XSL) and wrote XSL off as a viable client side technology.