Occasionally people ask me what they can do to support this site. Although in the end this site is a labour of love, and not a commercial venture, I nonetheless appreciate gestures of support.

There are two ways to support this site: making a monetary donation or linking to it.


You can make a donation via PayPal. Select the currency of your choice:

A good way of supporting this site is making a donation. First of all: this is in no way required. If you don't have enough money, if you don't think one slight technical tip is worth any money, or if you're opposed to sending money in principle, don't do it.

If you've got enough money for a donation, small or large, and if you think this site is worth it, I don't mind receiving it. I'm a freelancer, and although I've earned a decent income for the past 18 months, I never know what I'll earn next month. This is sometimes exciting, but sometimes frightening. Therefore I wouldn't mind a slight supplementary income from this site.

Besides, the more I earn through this site, the more time I can spend on it.

I only accept donations through PayPal. Click on the currency of your choice and fill out the PayPal form. Remember that PayPal takes a small percentage of the money you send, and a fixed fee on top of that. Therefore I suggest a minimum donation of $/€ 10, though if you really want to send me a few cents I can't stop you.

If you donate money, thank you very much.


You can also support my site by linking to it from your page(s). Link to (note that the www. bit is required) and write an enthousiastic blurb. Many people have already done so without the slightest bit of prompting on my part.

Of course I prefer links on portal pages that send me thousands of visitors every day, but if you don't happen to have such a page available, a link from your homepage is fine, too.

You can also link to a specific page in my site. Since my site uses frames, creating a specific link requires you to take one or two extra actions:

  1. Go to the page in question.
  2. Click the "No frames" link in the navigation frame. The page now opens outside the frameset and you can link to it.
  3. If you'd rather link to the page within my frameset, click the "This page is supposed to be in my frameset" link at the top right of the page. Now the frameset reappears, but with a specific URL that points to the page you selected.